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Double Reduction Gearbox Fire Transmission Gearbox Rate Speed Reducer For Chain Grate Boiler

Double Reduction Gearbox Fire Transmission Gearbox Rate Speed Reducer For Chain Grate Boiler

  • Double Reduction Gearbox Fire Transmission Gearbox Rate Speed Reducer For Chain Grate Boiler
Double Reduction Gearbox Fire Transmission Gearbox Rate Speed Reducer For Chain Grate Boiler
Product Details:
Place of Origin: JIANGSU
Brand Name: YONGXING
Certification: ISO9001,ISO14001
Model Number: GL-10P
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box,or steel box
Delivery Time: 10 word days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000SETS/YEAR
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Detailed Product Description
Customized: Yes Install: Horizontal
Usage: Speed Reducer Type: Speed Reducer ,gear Box
Structure: Three Circle Type Rated Power: 0.55-3 Kw
High Light:

reduction drive gearbox


industrial reduction gearbox

Durable boiler fire grate fire transmission gearbox rate speed reducer for chain grate boiler system

1. The gear reducer produced by our company adopts carburizing and quenching and grinding process for all gears. Compared with the traditional speed governor, the load capacity is increased by more than 4 times.

2. grate speed governor adopts advanced CAD design method, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise and high reliability.

3. For the wear problem that often occurs during the operation of the reducer, the company adopts the method of repair welding or brush plating after machining, which improves the service life of the equipment and reduces the mechanical wear.

4. For the leakage problem that occurs during the operation of the reducer, the special sealing gasket with better sealing performance can effectively alleviate the problem of deceleration and oil leakage.

5. Improve the ventilation cap and inspection hole cover of the equipment, so that the pressure inside and outside the reducer tends to be balanced. Moreover, when refueling, the oil is added from the oil cup, and the inspection hole cover is not opened, which also reduces the oil leakage problem.

6. The lubricating oil in the reducer is smooth and returning to oil. In the lower part of the bearing seat, a oil return groove inclined to the inside of the machine is opened, and a notch is also opened at the straight end of the end cover, and the notch is directly opposite to the oil groove, so that the excess lubricating oil flows back to the oil pool through the notch and the oil return groove.

7. For the static seal point leakage of the reducer, a new polymer repair material can be used for blocking. If the static seal point leaks during the operation of the reducer, the surface engineered oil surface emergency repair agent sticky-polymer 25551 and 90T composite repair materials can be used to block the oil leakage.

Double Reduction Gearbox Fire Transmission Gearbox Rate Speed Reducer For Chain Grate Boiler 0

Precautions for use
1. After 200~300 hours of operation, the oil should be changed for the first time. In the future use, the quality of the oil should be checked regularly. For the mixed impurities or deteriorated oil, it must be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, for long-term continuous operation of the reducer, the new oil should be replaced by 5000 hours of operation or once a year. The gearbox that has been deactivated for a long time should be replaced with new oil before re-running. The reducer should be added with the same oil as the original grade, and should not be mixed with different grades of oil. The oils with the same grade and different viscosity are allowed to be mixed.

2. When changing oil, wait for the reducer to cool down without burning danger, but still keep warm, because after the complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain. Note: The power supply of the transmission should be cut off to prevent unintentional energization.

3. During work, when it is found that the oil temperature rise exceeds 80 °C or the oil pool temperature exceeds 100 °C and abnormal noise is generated, stop using it. Check the cause, remove the fault, and replace the lubricating oil before continuing operation. 

4. The user should have reasonable rules for the use and maintenance. The operation of the reducer and the problems found in the inspection should be carefully recorded. The above provisions should be strictly implemented.


As the necessary auxiliary machine for the boiler, the grate reducer is a separate component consisting of gear transmission, worm drive and gear-worm drive enclosed in a rigid casing. It is commonly used on the grate of a steam boiler to achieve the adjustment drive. The purpose of speed. The working principle is as follows: the motor, the internal combustion or other high-speed running power is meshed by the gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the reducer, and is output by the large gear with a small number of teeth on the shaft, thereby achieving the purpose of deceleration. Ordinary speed reducers will also have several pairs of identical gears to achieve the desired deceleration effect. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio.

Technical Parameters of Grate Reducer of Boiler
Reducer Model Total Ratio Output Shaft Speed Range
Rated Output Torque
Matching Boiler
Electromagnetic Speed Regulating Motor Center Height
Type Power
Rotating speed(rpm)
GL-5PA 5316 0.02351~0.2351 5500 2,4 YCT90-4B 0.37 125~1250 190
GL-10P 7937 0.01575~0.1575 7000 6 YCT112-4B 0.75 220
GL-16P 7888 0.01585~0.1585 13000 8,10 YCT132-4A 1.1 305
GL-20P 7648 0.01634~0.1634 26000 15,20 YCT132-4B 1.5 370
GL-30P 7589 0.01647~0.1647 30000 25 YCT160-4A 2.2 370
GL-40P 7760 0.01611~0.1611 45000 35,40 YCT160-4B 3 440
GL-100P 7980 0.01566~0.1566 100000 65~100 YCT200-4A 5.5 470


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