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Single Drum Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Saving Coal Stoker Boiler

Single Drum Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Saving Coal Stoker Boiler

  • Single Drum Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Saving Coal Stoker Boiler
  • Single Drum Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Saving Coal Stoker Boiler
Single Drum Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Saving Coal Stoker Boiler
Product Details:
Place of Origin: HENAN
Brand Name: YONGXING
Certification: ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS,BV
Model Number: DZL/SZL
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Nude packing,Package with Steel Box,or Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 10-15days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: USD1000/SET
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Detailed Product Description
Control System: Automatic Water Circulation: Natural Circulation
Installation: Assembled Boiler Media: Water And Steam
Boiler Structure Level: Chain Grate,Single Drum,Threaded Pipe Name: Coal Stoker Boiler
High Light:

coal fired water tube boiler


coal fired hot water boiler

Easily serviceable single-drum DZH coal fired steam boiler for parboiling rice mill




The coal-fired boiler developed by our company uses negative pressure and gasification technology to make the soot fully mixed with oxygen at high temperature. A secondary combustion chamber is arranged inside the furnace, and the unburned soot (gas) and the coal slag can be burned for the second time, thereby achieving the effect of energy saving. At the same time, the equipment adopts three-pass water-fire tube heat exchange technology, which reduces the flue gas discharge temperature (less than 110 degrees). The boiler operates at normal pressure and adopts an automatic temperature control system to facilitate temperature adjustment. The product has high performance, beautiful appearance and compact structure. The coal-fired boiler is composed of a pulverized coal preparation system, a burner, a heating surface, and an air preheater.

1. The application of advanced technology can quickly form a high temperature zone inside the boiler, stably maintain the combustion state of the fuel, ensure that the flue gas can stay in the high temperature furnace for a long time, the fuel is fully burned, and the combustion efficiency is high.

2. The emission concentrations of soot and sulfur dioxide are not more than 10mg/m3 and 50mg/m3 respectively, which reduces air pollution.

3. The application of automatic feeding and slag removal equipment can fully automate the boiler work. At the same time, the boiler can work continuously for 4,000 hours without maintenance, and the work is stable and reliable.

4. Take effective measures to prevent high temperature corrosion and low temperature corrosion. The company has taken a lot of measures to prevent corrosion during boiler design. At the same time, the heated surface adopts high-grade corrosion-resistant materials. For example, high-temperature three-stage and four-stage superheater materials are all made of stainless steel SA-213TP347H, and air preheater materials are used. JNS is resistant to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion steel (having resistance to sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid).

5. Adopt international leading dust collector technology. The dust collector technology developed by the company has the characteristics of high ash removal efficiency, compact structure, small floor space and flexible layout. After the dust is removed from the dust, the discharge fully meets the environmental requirements.

6. The boiler body is automatically welded by argon arc welding process, 100% non-destructive testing, excellent quality.



Parameters Table for DZH 0.5-6 ton
Item No. DZH0.5-0.7 DZH1-1.0 DZH1-1.25 DZH2-1.0 DZH2-1.25 DZH4-1.25 DZH4-1.6 DZH6-1.25
Rated steam output(t/h) 0.5 1 1 2 2 4 4 6
Rated work pressure(Mpa) 0.7 1 1.25 1 1.25 1.25 1.6 1.25
Rated steam temperature(°C) 165.3 184 194 184 194 194 204 194
Rated feed water temperature(°C) 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Thermal efficiency(%) 76.6 77.18 77.6 76.8 77.7 78.8 78.8 78.5
Fuel consumption (kg/h) 79 172 178 358 361 726 732 1080
Shipping size(m) 3.67*


Structure classification of pulverized coal burner

The pulverized coal burner is a device that feeds pulverized coal into the furnace for combustion, and can be classified into a cyclone burner and a direct-flow burner. The following is a detailed description of the two burners.
1. Swirling burner. The primary air carrying pulverized coal and the secondary air without pulverized coal are connected to the burner by different pipes. The pulverized coal and air can be thoroughly mixed and form a re-circulation zone. Each boiler can be configured with 4 to 48 burners.

2. DC burner: The nozzle is narrow, and the primary and secondary air do not rotate in the burner. The pulverized coal can be completely burned therein.
The heated surface separates the heated surface from the heated surface and the heated surface. Modern large and medium-sized boilers are constructed of water-cooled walls, whereby the water-cooled wall (the heated surface) absorbs the radiant heat in the furnace to evaporate the water into saturated steam. In order to increase the radiant heating surface without increasing the volume of the furnace, the large boiler can be double-exposed water-cooled wall. The superheated heating surface can be divided into a screen type superheater heating surface arranged on the upper part of the furnace and a convection superheater heating surface arranged in the convection flue. The former absorbs radiant heat in the furnace; the latter absorbs convective heat.


Single Drum Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Saving Coal Stoker Boiler 0



Fault diagnosis and processing system features
The system can monitor the current working conditions of the gas steam boiler in real time, and carry out real-time and comprehensive intelligent fault identification and processing. The control system is capable of diagnosing and processing the following faults in real time.
1). Steam pressure over-limit protection: When the steam in the pot is over-pressure, the control system immediately enters the equipment to stop working, and the sound and light alarm is given. The screen displays “Vapor pressure is extremely high”. Until the fault is eliminated, press the reset button to cancel the alarm state.

2). Water shortage protection: When the boiler has a low water level failure due to pump failure or other reasons, the control system immediately turns off the burner power supply, enters the interlocking state, sound and light alarm until the fault is eliminated, and then press the reset button to cancel the alarm state.

3). Boiler water level over-limit protection: When the water level is higher than the upper limit warning water level, the sound and light alarm. Prompt "the water level in the pot is too high", the display prompts drainage, and the pump starts to drain. The fault is automatically restored after the fault is eliminated, and the pump stops working.


Data table 1

Auxiliary components
Auxiliary System Parts
Water supply system soft water, demineralized water system, deaerator, feed water pump, water tank, ammonia adding device, dosing device
Steam (hot water) system Steam separator (water) cylinder, desuperheater
Fuel supply system Coal machine, belt coal conveyor, crusher, vibrating screen electronic belt scale, electromagnetic iron remover, double pear type unloader, pre-furnace coal feeder, etc
Smoke system Blower, induced draft fan, chimney, etc.
Sewage (steam) system, row, row, sampler, silencer
Electronic control system General control, PLC control, DCS control
Other equipment in the boiler room Heat exchange station, circulation pump, decontamination unit, etc.
Flue gas purification system Dust collector, desulfurization device, denitration device, etc.


Quckly installed boiler
boiler model Unit DZL1-0.7/1.0-AII DZL2-0.7/1.0-AII DZL4-0.7/1.25/1.6-AII DZL6-1.25/1.6-AII
capacity ton/h 1 2 4 6
rated pressure Mpa 0.7/1.0 0.7/1.0 0.7/1.25/1.6 1.25/1.6
rated steam temeperature 170/184 170/184 184/193/204 193/204
feed water temperature 20 20 20 105
radiation area 4.21 6.43 10.55 16.95
convection area 20.68 39.23 90.45 134.87
economizer area 9.66 16.56 16.56 53.13
valid grate area 1.852 3.15 5.18 8.395
applicable fuel * COAL COAL COAL COAL
exhaust gas temperature 152/160 152/161 163/163.8/169.5 163/169
design efficiency % 77.73/77.24 78.53/78.18 79.37/79.30/78.96 79.83/79.19
fuel consumption kg/h 170.74/172.93 341.71/343.63 673.22/676.27/682.11 866.39/877.51
max part size for delivery mm 5488*2254*2782 5694*2704*3324 6743*2954*3508 8244*2951*3704



Single Drum Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Energy Saving Coal Stoker Boiler 1

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