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Environment Friendly Coal Fired Steam Boiler Double Drums Industrial Water Tube Boiler

Environment Friendly Coal Fired Steam Boiler Double Drums Industrial Water Tube Boiler

  • Environment Friendly Coal Fired Steam Boiler Double Drums Industrial Water Tube Boiler
  • Environment Friendly Coal Fired Steam Boiler Double Drums Industrial Water Tube Boiler
Environment Friendly Coal Fired Steam Boiler Double Drums Industrial Water Tube Boiler
Product Details:
Place of Origin: HENAN, CHINA
Brand Name: YONGXING
Certification: CE/ISO9001/ISO14001/SGS/BV
Model Number: DZL/DZH/SZL
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Nude packing,Package with Steel Box,or Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 10-15days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: USD1000/SET
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Detailed Product Description
Fuel: Biomass/Wood Pellet/Wood Chip/Rice Husk Material: Special Steel
Structure: Double Drums Water Tube Output: Steam
Usage: Industrial Color: Customization
Efficiency: >82% Type: SZL
Circulation: Natural Circulation
High Light:

coal fired water tube boiler


wood burning steam boiler

New Environment Friendly Save Fuel SZL Wood pellets or Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Sale From China Manufacturers


1. Introduction

- The SZL assembled chain grate biomass boiler adopts a double-drum vertical arrangement, and the combustion mode is a chain grate. The rated evaporation is 4~20t/h.

- The boiler is fueled with biomass-forming solid fuel. The water wall of the wall on both sides of the furnace adopts a membrane water wall structure;

- the water wall tubes of the front and rear walls of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the grate to form front and rear arches, which not only increases the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increases the volume and the heating surface of the furnace.

-The strength of the rear arch is reinforced. The fuel falls from the coal hopper to the grate, and burns after the furnace enters the furnace. The flue gas enters the convection tube bundle area and passes through the smoke-proof wall.

-The flue gas flow turns to the S-shape, and the dust in the flue gas is separated by inertia and falls below. In the four gravity automatic falling hoppers provided, the slag hopper is discharged into the slag hopper with the operation of the grate, and the slag discharge machine discharges the furnace body.

- SZL series assembly chain grate biomass boiler has high automation level, safe and stable operation, strong fuel applicability and high smoke emission standard.

- After the furnace, there is a convection tube bundle and an economizer at the tail. The flue gas enters the tail flue through the furnace, the combustion chamber, the convection tube bundle, and the economizer, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, the induced draft fan, and the chimney.

-The front wall is equipped with secondary air, controlled by a valve, put into use when burning biomass fuel, strengthens combustion, fully burns the fuel, and improves combustion efficiency. A higher feed port is used to meet the specific needs of biomass fuels.


The more details table about the biomass steam boiler of SZL 2-20t is list below.

Parameters Table for SZL 2-20 ton
NO. Model SZL2 SZL4 SZL6 SZL10 SZL15 SZL20
1 Rated evaporation capacity t/h 6 4 6 10 15 20
2 Working Pressure Mpa 1.25/1.6 1.25/2.5 1.25/2.5 1.25/2.5 1.25/2.5 1.25/2.5
3 Steam Temperature ℃ 194/225 194/225 194/225 194/225 194/225 194/225
4 Thermal Efficiency % 79.55 78.82 79.5 80.2 82 82
5 Grate Area ㎡ 3.22 6.72 7.52 11.8 18 23
6 Fuel Biomass/coal Biomass/coal Biomass/coal Biomass/coal Biomass/coal Biomass/coal
7 Transportation Size m 5.5×2.35×3.97 7.73×2.36×3.52 6.15×2.84×3.54 7.85×3.32×3.52 10×3.2×3.5 11×3.2×3.5



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2. SZL biomass boiler features
1).The convective arrangement has a high heat exchange efficiency on the heated surface, and the efficiency of the boiler operation is stable and has a certain overload operation capability;
2).The water circulation system is reasonable, the water capacity is large, the steam space is large, and the steam quality is good;
3). The cross-section ratio of the falling surface of each heated surface to the riser tube is reasonable, and the combustion condition is stable;
4).The front and rear arches are properly matched, the coverage of the furnace arch is large, the furnace temperature is high, and the combustible volatiles of coal can be burned when it is greater than 20%;
5). Each air chamber can be adjusted according to the amount of air required for each combustion stage of the fuel, and there is no partial burning phenomenon. The lower part of each air chamber is provided with a pull-type cast iron ash door, which is not easy to be deformed, convenient to use, and has good sealing performance. . When the carbon content in the coal slag is not more than 10%, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is about 82%.
6). Design multiple smoke-proof walls between the convection tube bundles, so that the flue gas in the combustion chamber enters the convection tube bundle and perform multiple reentry. During the reentry process, the smoke and soot in the flue gas and the smoke-proof wall and the convection tube bundle are used. The multiple scouring collisions, when the reentry, the flue gas forms a vortex here, using the inertial force of the flue gas and the smoke blocking wall, the tube bundle colliding, and the centrifugal force when forming the vortex to perform dust removal, using this measure, the initial dust concentration of the boiler body Very low, it is beneficial to reduce the pollution of boiler smoke to the atmospheric environment.

Environment Friendly Coal Fired Steam Boiler Double Drums Industrial Water Tube Boiler 0

Environment Friendly Coal Fired Steam Boiler Double Drums Industrial Water Tube Boiler 1

3.Description-----Precautions for the use of biomass boilers
1).Before starting the boiler, check the power supply, voltage, water source, fuel abnormality, close the drain valve, open the water supply valve, and check whether the flue is unobstructed. In addition, check the pressure of the furnace body and the operation of the make-up pump to confirm whether the motor can work normally. Check the working status of the pump. After all the above devices have been confirmed, they can be turned on.
2).When the user repairs the boiler or replaces the accessories, the power must be cut off to avoid danger to the operator.
3).The electric control box, burner, pump motor and other parts should be protected from moisture ingress to prevent burning, and the boiler should be kept clean.
4).This product belongs to biomass/fired steam boiler. Please be sure to install water softener when using this equipment according to the boiler water quality requirements. Because the hard water quality will cause boiler fouling, it will cause tube bursting when it is serious. Shorten the life of the boiler. Failure to use the water treatment equipment as required to cause damage to the boiler is not covered by the warranty.
5).Please pay attention to the timed sewage when using the steam boiler. Discharge at least once a day and discharge at a pressure of 0.15 MPa to 0.25 MPa. This can effectively prevent pipe blockage. In addition, the sewage pipe should be connected according to the regulations, beware of the operator's burns.

boiler model Unit SZL6-1.25/1.6-AII SZL8-1.25/1.6-AII SZL10-1.25/1.6-AII SZL12-1.25/1.6-AII SZL15-1.25/1.6-AII SZL20-1.25/1.6-AII SZL25-1.25/1.6-AII
capacity ton/h 6 8 10 12 15 20 25
rated pressure Mpa 12.5/1.6 1.25/1.6 1.25/1.6 1.25/1.6 1.25/1.6 1.25/1.6 1.25/1.6
rated steam temeperature 193/204 193/204 193/204 193/204 193/204 193/204 193/204
feed water temperature 105 105 105 105 105 105 105
radiation area m2 18.19 22.14 25.8 25.8 34.117 53.78 99.21
convection area m2 121.9 158.86 200.38 250.17 331.616 411.8 457.78
economizer area m2 53.13 104.64 130.8 174.4/261.1 117.72/117.2 212.4 476.16
valid grate area m2 7.55 9.34 10.98 12.78 16.24 20.84 24.76
exhaust gas temperature 165.78/169.85 161/165 160/162 158/150 156.7/159.4 153/159 152/156
design efficiency % 80.11/79.44 79.95/79.98 80.55/80.28 80.68/80.72 80.48/80.56 81.09/80.77 81.38/81.26
fuel consumption kg/h 863.28/874.78 1153.42/1161.38 1430.96/1442.74 1714.5/1721.8 2167.89/2164.7 2868.63/2884.7 3551/3556
max part size for delivery mm 7100*2800*3500
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